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Weekly Talks

Alyn Griffith 11th March – The Devine Exchange  Galatians 3:13-14


Tony Horsfall 25th February – The Devine Exchange

Brian Donner 18th February –  What Is The Message?


Ashley Guest 11th February – Psalm 126 v3

Denise Joseph 28th January – Mathew 16 v24


Ashley Guest 21st January – Philippians 3


Tony Horsfall 14th January – 2 Peter 3 v18


Ashley Guest 7th January 2018 – Covenant Service


Tony Horsfall 17th December – Christmas Reflections


Guy Bevir 19th November –  1 John 2 v12 – 15


Alyn Griffith 12th November – Sending  Out the Twelve

Bishop Ken Clarke Sunday 29th October – Beautiful Feet

Bishop Ken Clarke Saturday 28th October – Session 2

Bishop Ken Clarke Saturday 28th October – Session 1

Tony Horsfall 22nd October – Always be Prepared 1 Peter 3 v15

Ashley Guest 15th October – What is the Gospel?

Denise Joseph 8th October – The Fields are White – John 4

Tony Horsfall 10th September – The Great Commission

Ashley Guest  3rd September – Simply Jesus Service

Neill Gardiner 27th August – 2 Timothy 2 v1 – 7

 Brian Donner 21st August – A Christian is a Servant

 Alyn Griffith 13th August – A Christian is a Child of God


 Tony Horsfall 30th July – A Christian is a Member of the Body

  Tony Horsfall 23rd July – A Christian is a Disciple

 Denise Joseph 16th July – A Christian is a Witness